Board of Management

The Board of Management has been delegated responsibility by Patron to manage the School. Its primary responsibilities are:

  • Determining and implementing policies within the School (in conjunction with the other bodies within the School)
  • Managing all Income and Expenditure of the School
  • Interviewing and employing teachers and other non-teaching staff
  • Fundraising (including Grant applications etc)
  • Corresponding with the Department of Education and Science
  • Liaising with other groups in the school community (Patron and Parents’ Association)

In accordance with the Educate Together ethos, parents have a strong input into the composition of the Board. The Board is made up as follows

  • Two persons nominated by the Patron (which in turn is comprised predominantly of parents).
  • Two parents of children in the school directly elected by the parents (one mother and one father).
  • The Principal of the School.
  • One other Teacher elected by the teachers.
  • Two wider community representatives elected by the six appointed members.

The Chairperson is appointed by the Patron and a Treasurer and Secretary are elected by the Board. The Board is re-elected every four years.


Navan Educate Together’s Board of Management :

Chairperson  :  Daniel Murphy

Principal and Secretary  :  Eleanor Barker

Patron Nominee  :  Eva Boyle

Teacher Nominee  :  Patricia Carolan

Parent Nominee  :  Nuala Faulkner

Parent Nominee  :  Kevin Delaney

Community Nominee :  Pádraig Fitzsimons

Community Nominee  :  Marc Hand