Since returning to school after the spring break, the children in Junior Infants embarked on an exciting science project. The aim was to hatch chicks in an incubator in the classroom and watch them grow. We were supplied with the eggs, an incubator, a brooder and enclosure that has been set up at the back of our classroom. We watched and examined the eggs closely ensuring the incubator was the correct temperature and humidity. On day 2, we were delighted to find two little yellow chicks had hatched overnight. We kept them in the incubator until they were nice and fluffy and then they were ready to move to the brooder. On day 3, another chick had hatched. On day 4, our final chick needed some help to hatch. Tony and Amy helped the chick along and thankfully, the chick is doing really well. Each class has come to visit the chicks and through a democratic process of voting the chickens have been named; Sprinkles, Disco, Bunty and Little Fluffy. We are keeping the chicks inside until they have all their feathers and then they will go outside to their new home.

Through the introduction of the Cock-A-Doodle-Doo Programme, the children have learnt first-hand the process from egg to hatching stage to the little chicks developing. This programme has given the children such a great opportunity to extend their understanding, knowledge and learning about the natural world and our environment. The chicks are now almost three weeks old and they are thriving. They are very inquisitive and enjoy all the attention from the Junior Infants!

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